Support Small Business - Why Everyone Wins

by Unicorn Lover on January 10, 2019

In recent years many have felt the pull to shop local, support small businesses, and think deeper into where our consumer goods are coming from. Myself included, and I think it's awesome. In a world where we have endless online or brick-and-mortar stores with zillions of products and massive sales to be had all year round…why oh WHY do we get so hyped about #shopsmall? Here's why...

PERSONAL CONNECTION - Feeling like you got something special that you can't buy at any WalMart across the country, because you bought it from a unique and innovative small business. It's also feeling like the process of buying and selling is just a little bit more personalized. There's a face behind that gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece of art you found for your sister on Etsy. And you're cheering that face on in support when you buy their product or service. So now, you're connected.! It's definitely #allthefeels compared to the usual computer robot warehouse kind of exchange we're all used to now. 

SUPPORTING EACH OTHER - I love supporting other small businesses, and especially when it's a friend or fellow Mama business builder. Lord knows we've had SO many friends and family support us this year by sharing, liking, and wearing our products all over internet-land. Our small business, Born To Unicorn, has been opened for almost a full year now, and I can't imagine where we'd be without that support and sharing from our “people” near and far. So I pay it forward to other small businesses whenever I can (especially the other lady-boss business owners out there!) 

HIDDEN GEMS - Two of my favorite gifts I gave to friends this year were from a small-business Mama in New York...and now her shop, Efy Tal, will be my go-to for years to come. I just stumbled upon her little shop when searching for necklaces on Amazon!  I wasn't even in the "handmade" section! Some people have no idea that Amazon houses so many tiny businesses run by one or two people...but it's true! The product quality, chic gift wrapping, and personalized customer service was incredible. My girlfriends ADORED their one-of-a-kind necklaces, and I felt like I had just cyber hugged a fellow #bossmom by supporting her little home business.  Win, win!

EASIER TO SHOP SMALL THAN EVER BEFORE – Your Small Business Saturday search isn’t just confined to Etsy anymore. “Small business” and “Amazon Prime” really can be used in the same sentence! Thousands of small businesses in the USA use Amazon as their only sales platform…Born To Unicorn included. And we're as small as can be! Just two fun-loving (but exhausted) parents of three wild kiddos making a dream come unicorn blanket at a time! 

So go exploring...and find your new favorite small business! Hunt for that special gift you can't find anywhere else. I bet you won't regret it. Oh, and here are my faves from that awesome shop I found on Amazon, plus a few of our Born To Unicorn Best Sellers! 

Personalized Jewelry Efy Tal mother daughter gift gift for mom shop small jewelry Efy Tal

Unicorn Gifts Born To Unicorn


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