Unicorn Gifts - 8 Best Gifts For Unicorn Lovers

by Unicorn Lover on January 05, 2019

Unicorn obsessed? Or know someone who is?  It's a unicorn CRAZE!

Unicorns are EVERYWHERE right now. Kid's unicorn birthday parties galore, unicorn toys, cereal, unicorn blankets - it's endless!  And it's not just kids either...plenty of adults are joining in on the fun too. From unicorn bachelorette parties to rainbow nails, unicorn hair and those hilarious adult unicorn costumes.

You can find almost anything with a unicorn version these days for fans of all ages - unicorn jewelry, unicorn slime, unicorn farts cotton candy. But why?

WHY are these mythical creatures so dang popular??? 

They're MAGICAL AF ... Hello?! 

unicorn party

But really. They're mythical, sparkly, often pink or purple and tons of glitter. They're just plain pretty. And they represent uniqueness. Being one of a kind. Glowing and standing out from the crowd. All the happy feels. That's why!


We've listed our FAVORITE unicorn stuff...and we hope you love it! Just click on the images to get more details. Happy unicorn shopping! 

unicorn blanket

1.  UNICORN BLANKET  It's super soft and cozy, knitted, and just plain awesome. AND it comes in kids and adult sizes...because grown-ups love unicorns too, remember! 



unicorn toy2.  RIDING UNICORN TOY  Pricey but spectacular. What kid wouldn't want to ride this unicorn!? 



Unicorn Sweatshirt 3.  UNICORN SWEATSHIRT  Soft and cute with that off the shoulder casual look for those unicorn Mamas out there. Neeeeed! 



Unicorn Makeup Brush Set 4. UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES  They're. just. so. pretty. Make your makeup routine more fun with these magical brushes. 




Unicorn Hat

5.  UNICORN BASEBALL CAPS  How fun are these?! Pink for kiddos and black for adults. Perfect accessory for any unicorn lover big or small. 



Unicorn Necklace6. UNICORN NECKLACE  Dainty and sweet...this rose gold unicorn necklace is just adorable for your little girl or woman who adores unicorns. 



Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy 7.   UNICORN FARTS COTTON CANDY  Gross or Magical?  Hmmm...Both? But it's cotton candy so you can't go wrong. Perfect gag gift or stocking stuffer. 



Unicorn Gold Potty Spray 8.  UNICORN POO SPRAY  Another great gag gift or stocking stuffer... and this one makes nasty situations smell a bit more...ummm...magical. Told ya they make unicorn everything! 


So, there ya go! Some unicorn FAVES for ya! Hope you enjoyed. xoxo  



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