6 Unicorn and Dragon Books Your Kids Will Love

by Unicorn Lover on August 21, 2019

A child’s imagination is one of the most fascinating things about them. Watching their sketches come to life, their eyes light up as they make up a new game, or hearing the crazy names they come up with for their pets and stuffed animals. It’s truly amazing to see their beautiful minds in action.

One of the best things we as parents can do for their little brains and imagination is read to them! In today’s world, it’s hard to keep them away from all the digital noise. There is no lack of video games and ipads to keep them entertained, but it’s time to bring books back! Bring back the imagination and play. Less screen time and more playtime is our motto.

So to help our little unicorn and dragon lovers find books that are sure to be a hit, we compiled a list of our top 6 picks for unicorn and dragon books! (All under $12 dollars too.)

Unicorn Books We Love

“Where’s the Unicorn” by Jonny Marx


A seek and find book is a great option for your Pre-K age and up kids. A race to see who can find the unicorn first is always a fun game! The “Where’s the Unicorn” team tells us a little about the story in the search:

Unicorns love playing hide-and-seek—but when Leaf, Ruby, Snowflake, Blossom, Luna, Stardust, and Amethyst run out of new places to hide in Rainbow Valley, they decide to leave home for new adventures. See if you can spot every one of these seven beautiful animals as they sightsee in the city, join a mountain bike race, rock out at a music festival, spend a day in the museum, and more!” 

“Claire and the Unicorn” by B.G Hennessy


We love to imitate our favorite characters. In this story, Claire is reading stories with her father and then ends up having magical dreams. Your child will love her adventures, and even want to read before bed so that she can have fun dreams as well. Check out this snippet:

“Once Upon A Time, a little girl called Claire and her stuffed unicorn, Capricorn, were very fond of fairy tales. Every night Claire's father read them stories of frog princes and fairy princesses, and every night every character lived happily ever after. Then one evening, just as a story came to its close, Claire suddenly wondered: What, exactly, makes someone happy forever? It was a question to answer as she slept. So Claire hugged Capricorn, and together they drifted into a dreamland adventure....”

“A Unicorn Named Sparkle” by Amy Young


We can have our own unicorns if we just use our imagination! This darling story tells us a tale about a little girl who paid for a unicorn, but got a goat instead! It didn’t stop the duo from having a great time though. A little imagination and the goat is transformed into a beautiful unicorn! Check out their story:

“When Lucy sees an ad in the newspaper for a unicorn, she sends in her twenty-five cents and waits four to six long weeks for her very own unicorn to arrive. She imagines the flowers that she'll braid into his beautiful pink mane, and she even picks the perfect name for him: Sparkle. But when Sparkle arrives, his ears are too long, his horn is too short, he smells funny--and oh, he has fleas. Lucy isn't pleased, but in the end, she warms up to Sparkle and realizes that even though he wasn't exactly the unicorn she wanted, he might be just the one she needs.”

Dragon Books We Love

“The Reluctant Dragon” by Kenneth Grahame


This is a classic that you might even remember from your childhood.  “The Reluctant Dragon” was written in 1938 and teaches us the still important message that even when our friends are different, we must stand up for them!         

In this beloved classic, a kind, young, boy befriends a poetry-loving dragon living in the Downs above his home. When the town-folk send for St. George to slay the dragon, the boy must come up with a clever plan to save his friend and convince the townsfolk to accept him.”       

“Dragons Love Tacos” by Adam Rubin         


  Who doesn’t love tacos right? This is the first book in a series all about a red dragon who loves to eat all the tasty tacos. Your child will love the silly adventures of this taco tale!

 “A colorful read that includes colorful pictures that kids absolutely love. The story outlines a red dragon who absolutely loves to eat tacos; from chicken tacos to beef tacos, they could be big tacos or even small ones! Dragons absolutely love heaps of tacos, but watch out for that spicy salsa! You do not want the dragon eating some spicy salsa by mistake because we are all in red-hot trouble if the dragon does!”


“Do Not Take Your Dragon to Dinner” by Julie Gassman


Another great dragon series to add to your collection! This series helps teach etiquette in different situations by showing the trials of having a dragon at the dinner table or library, or other places.

We know you shouldn't take your dragon to the library, but what about taking him out to dinner? After all, dragons need to eat too! But with fiery breath, flapping wings, and pointy spikes, that might not be a good idea! Rhyming text and diverse characters bring the importance of dinner manners to a new level in this colorful picture book by Julie Gassman.”



There is no doubt that reading to your child regularly helps them build language and communication skills, as well as practicing using their imagination. Reading is a great habit to add to your nighttime routine. Snuggle up with your unicorn or dragon blanket (you can get those here) and grab one of these great stories and enjoy an adventure together as a family! 


Let us know in the comments if you’ve read any of these stories or tell us your favorite unicorn or dragon book!


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