5 Ideas for the Perfect Mermaid Party!

by Unicorn Lover on October 21, 2019

Making your child’s mermaid birthday party come to life can be easy and fun! We know you need all the details to really make everything pop- so we’ve made a list of a few things that will really give your party the extra flair it needs!

5 Ideas for Mermaid Birthday Parties

Bright Tinsel Backdrop


As moms, we are obsessed with pictures, right? Grab this shiny tinsel backdrop to transform your party to an underwater adventure AND create the prettiest pictures. Kids will love walking through the flowy strands as they enter the room. It’s a simple addition that makes a huge impact. You can pick the color you need to fit your party perfectly.

Mermaid Rug


Our very own mermaid rug is the perfect touch to decorate your party! And once the party is over the rug can still be used in large shower or bath areas, to decorate a play area, or add more color and style to a girl’s bedroom. The softer plush weave makes the rug soft enough to walk, play, and relax on!

Cupcake Toppers


Give your cupcakes a mermaid touch with these super cute glitter cupcake toppers! These come in a pack of 24 and are made of durable cardstock and are safe and durable. In this pack you get a mix of starfish, mermaid tails, and seahorses!

Mermaid Tail Balloon Set


A grand balloon display is always an eye-catcher! This set comes with 75 latex and foil balloons to give the garland a contrasting pop. It also comes with string and glue dots to put it all together and make it the centerpiece of your decorations!

Party Favor Bags


These adorable mermaid drawstring bags are perfect to hold your party favors. What makes them better than traditional bags (besides the cute mermaid design) is that they are reusable and kids can keep them to hold all their treasures at home. No need to waste your money on paper bags when these are more durable and dual purpose!

Throwing the perfect mermaid party can be easy and affordable with these great items. Your child will be so excited when the wonderful underwater world you’ve created for them.  Share with us in the comments if you have other great mermaid party ideas!


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